10 Airplane Travel Tips

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For a girl who has spent the better half of her life on at least a couple of planes each year, I have some great airplane travel tips for you. Think of this as a checklist before heading on your trip!

1. Bring Gravol

Unless you KNOW 100% that you do not get sick on airplanes this is a must. I unfortunately get motion sickness so I simply cannot travel on airplanes without taking a gravol first. Maybe you don’t get “motion sickness” per say, but that kind of altitude can really mess with you. Better safe than sorry!

2. Bring a purse or small bag to put under the seat in front of you

Key word here being small. There is already a shortage of leg and foot room so shoving a giant backpack under the seat in front of you just takes away from your own comfort. However, it’s SO nice to have easy access to a few items.

3. Bring headphones

Yes you can potentially buy headphones from the airline if you forget yours. Sadly, they are always so uncomfortable so why waste the money on them when you (presumably) have your own perfectly good pair at home.

4. Bring snacks

There is a common misconception that you cannot bring food through security. It’s a lie! Whenever security takes your food from you it’s because they’re hungry, and there’s nothing you can even do about it. None the less, you are absolutely ALLOWED to bring food, as long as it’s not liquid – don’t try and smuggle in soup. Sandwiches, chips, fruit (unless you’re crossing borders, then you can’t bring fruit), are all great options.

5. Download the airline’s app & pre-download movies

A few days before you leave, take a look to see if your airline has an app. If they do, download it. It should then also tell you if you can pre-download movies. Airplanes offering movies only through their app are becoming more and more popular. The worst feeling is getting onto a four hour flight expecting to watch a couple of movies and then realizing you needed to pre-download them.

6. Bring a book

This is a great option instead of the movies above, or in addition to! Whether it is a kindle or a good ol’ paperback there’s nothing better than getting lost in a book for a few hours; and what better of a time to catch up on your reading!

7. If you have the option, take the emergency exit row seat

Might seem strange to have this as a tip but this row has the best leg room! Seriously makes a huge difference in the comfort of a flight. Plus all you have to do is listen to their 60 second run down to you at the beginning of the flight about how to pull the handle in an emergency should you need to.

8. Wear comfortable clothes

Don’t wear your tight uncomfortable jeans or that shirt you keep needed to pull down, just don’t do it. Wear those lulus or sweats and a sweater. Traveling is not for looking nice and everyone knows that. Unless you’re flying coach then maybe wear something comfortable but nicer.

9. Invest in an eye mask (More for longer travel times)

Pick one up at the dollar store and enjoy the peaceful darkness for when you want to nap. Overnight flights often turn off the lights during ‘sleeping hours’ but then they shoot them right back as needed.

10. Bring a travel pillow (More for longer travel times)

These come in all shapes and sizes, you just have to see what works best for you. There are cloth ones, bean filled ones, blow up ones, or even ones that look like a full donut around your neck. When I took a flight from Canada to Australia I had a regular cloth one and I actually ended up using it to cushion my seat more after being so tired and sore of sitting down for so long.


Any other travel tips I missed out on?? Comment them below for your fellow travelers!

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