Gift Ideas for Friends that Like Travelling for Under $30

So you have a friend that wants to go traveling? Or maybe you would like to pick a little something up for yourself? These gift ideas for friends that like travelling for under $30 will be sure to help you out either way! I’d love to hear more gift ideas you have either given someone or received that you loved, comment them below!

Gift Ideas for Friends Like Travelling for Under $30
1. Scratch Map / Scratch Journal

This is an adorable gift for someone who is going to visit lots of places. A great way for them to keep track of their own journey, and think about you every time they scratch a new place off! $29.99 for the one featured in the picture, click it to learn more!

2. Universal Plug Adapter

There is nothing more frustrating than going traveling and forgetting to bring one of these! $19.99 for the one shown above.

3. Travel Pillow

There are so many different styles of these now a days! There is this one called the Arjaa Pillow (shown above) that really supports your neck. This one shown is $34.99, I know it’s a little bit more than the $30 limit promised, but can’t go wrong with good neck support and how it takes up almost no room in your backpack! 

4. AirBnb Gift Card

I know that gift cards are kind of a lame present but how can you go wrong with giving someone money towards a place to stay of their choosing!

5. Travel book guides for the place(s) their going

Doing research is hard and takes a lot of time. But when you have a beautiful book to easily check things out it makes it so much easier!

6. Foldable Water Bottle

This is a definite must for someone traveling, a hard water bottle just isn’t reasonable when you are trying to pack so much into a backpack! This 3-pack featured is a measly $14.99.

7. Travel Towels

It is a must to bring your own towels – and definitely microfiber! You need something that is going to dry fast and won’t mold. It is also a must to bring a body large towel for your body and a smaller towel for smaller things – either your face or just spills that happen.  This two pack is only $21.99.


The gift(s) you give them will definitely have to relate to where they are going and what style of traveling. These gifts are more common for those going on long journeys, and not to a 1 week vacation to a resort.

Comment below any other gift ideas for friends that like travelling for under $30 that you have received or given someone! 

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