5 Books to Prepare You for Travelling in 2018

2018 is here! Time for those new goals and new habits to kick in. What better way to start the year than to set a goal of reading more? Check out these 5 Books to Prepare You for Travelling in 2018 .

First-Time Around the World – by Rough Guides 

A great book for beginners looking to plan out a big around the world journey. I must admit that I haven’t read it yet, but it’s on my top list for 2018! Have heard nothing but good things. 

A Journey Through Every Country in the World – by Lonely Planet

If you are wondering where to go it doesn’t get much better than this book. Covers 230 countries with 850 pictures and individual authors experiences and suggestions of what to do and when to go. 

Travel Planning Online for Dummies – by Noah Vadnai & Julian Smith

A VERY beginner option here. This book helps you learn how reference the best travel knowledge out there to help you plan your own trip. 

The Practical Nomad – by Edward Hasbrouck


A great book to help you understand the differing cultures in the world before visiting them. Great novel for both beginners and advanced trekkers. 

Worlds Best Travel Experiences – by National Geographic 

Also a great book to help you plan where to go. National Geographic put their 500 best places all in one place for us to see!

Hope you enjoyed this list, I hope these 5 books to prepare you for travelling in 2018 will be put to good use! Would love to hear your thoughts if you have read any of them. Comment below. 

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