Best Way to Travel for Free

Downtown Toronto, best way to travel for free, Toronto, conference

I am all about getting free trips, and I want to pass along this crucial knowledge so that you too can travel for free!

Seriously, when I say free, I mean FREE. Like no strings attached. I know, I know, nothing in life is free – there must be a catch, right? Wrong! This past weekend I learned the best way to travel for free and I want to share it with you. 

Some of you reading this may know that I recently took a trip to Toronto for 4 days, but what you may not know is that it cost me next to nothing!

How did I do it? Simple. Personal and Professional Development.

What I mean by this is… going to an event where you can grow by learning about the things you love and will help you in your career goals. I was able to travel to Toronto for free because I got accepted to go to a marketing conference held by Queens University.

Downtown Toronto, best way to travel for free, Toronto, conference

My own University gave me funding, as they saw the benefit of it for not only my own student career but also how it would allow me to represent our school at a prestigious event. If you are a student check out your faculty’s webpage, or talk to someone on your student council. There are tons of conferences to go to and they have loads of money to send you!

If you are not a student anymore but a hard-working young professional, a company could just as easily fund you to go. Now of course this is not a guarantee, you should talk to your boss about it before applying or booking your tickets, but a seriously amazing thing for you to look into!

So the question for you is, what do you want to learn about?

What are the opportunities available to you that will relate to either you schooling or your career? What is your best way to travel for free? For me, I LOVE marketing, have a passion for it you might say. I truly enjoy learning about trends in the industry and hearing from high level executives about their careers and their marketing strategies. So this conference was a perfect fit for me. I heard from the CMO of McDonalds Canada, Director of Marketing at Pepsico, the President of Adidas and so much more!

downtown Toronto, Union station, best way to travel for free

I suppose you could argue that there is a catch to traveling for free. You might have to endure a couple days of speakers and networking events, but if it’s about a topic you enjoy it won’t feel like work! Then you can spend your evenings or any free time exploring the city around you.

To reiterate…

The best way to travel for free is to get funding to attend an event that will help your personal or professional career.

Look for events that you will find interesting and inspiring, that way you get to develop yourself, and have a great time.

Have you attended any funded conferences before? Or had you not ever thought about this? Comment below!

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