Why Visit Pompeii?

Pompeii Ruins
View When You Walk In
Planning to Visit Pompeii?

So, you are heading to Italy? Or maybe you’re planning a trip, thinking what does Italy have to offer? Besides the delectable food, great service, and even better wine, Italy has a ton of history that will literally send chills up your spine.

“I can get history in Rome, why visit Pompeii?” – Well yes you can, but the depth of history and culture that Pompeii offers is beyond anything you can find in Rome. When I went to Italy in 2014, we took a full two weeks to explore all over the country. I was with my best friend and her parents, who are avid travellers. Her dad was the one who wanted to go to Pompeii, and I am so happy he convinced us to go because it was probably one of my favourite things we saw.

When I say it was something we “saw”, it felt more like something we experienced.

Pompeii Ruins
Classic House

We drove there because we had rented a car to see the south of Italy, but I hear it is very easy to get there via train. Don’t worry about finding the entrance either because it is very clear. Before you get in there is a small fee, I believe around 11 euros but don’t quote me on that. I would recommend doing it alone, meaning without a guide, and just purchasing one of those headsets, which are also not very expensive.

I actually didn’t get a headset, or a tour guide, I really wanted to just take in the surroundings. Plus, my friend’s dad is a big history buff and had gotten one, so if I wanted to know anything I just asked him.

Pompeii Ruins
Classic Bed
Inside Pompeii

Once you’re inside you are transported to this whole other world. Pompeii used to be a civilization but those who inhabited were forced to flee because of a volcanic eruption. It happened so fast that a lot of people couldn’t even make it out.

I could not get over the eeriness I felt, walking in those ruins. You see the bones of old “houses”, if you can call them that. With these tiny beds, and tiny everything. Really demonstrates that people used to be a lot smaller.

I think one of the more interesting, or entertaining parts was seeing the brothels. If you look closely you’ll see small stone penis carvings in the stone roads which point to the direction of the brothel. Then once you’re in it there are these small stone beds with some old school “pornographic” photos on the walls. See the photos below.

Pompeii Ruins, Brothel
Brothel Paintings
Pompeii Ruins, Brothel
Brothel Street Carvings

Walking those ruins made me feel so small in this world. Like there was so much here before us that we are just this little blip in an entire period of time. If you’ve seen the ruins next to The Colosseum let me tell you that they do not even compare to Pompeii.

Why You Should Visit Pompeii

So, why visit Pompeii? It’s an experience that gives you a ton of perspective on life. Walking the ruins of Pompeii really lets you experience what life would have looked like back in those times. 

Pompeii Ruins

Comment below if you’ve ever been, or if you are thinking of going. I would love to hear about your experience or why you want to go!

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