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Hey everyone! A lot of you have been asking me where I plan on going in my world trip. Instead of answering one by one I thought I should actually write a post about it. Hopefully this world travel trip itinerary of mine can give you some inspiration for places to add to your own journeys!

Before deciding where I wanted to go I thought to myself what I really wanted to get out of the trip. For me this trip is about experiencing a lot of different cultures, seeing the world’s natural beauties, and however possible, staying warm! Since I live in Canada I am a little bit tired of the winter… especially in Winnipeg where it was still negative 27 the other night. Like c’mon winter, just leave already!

When I started planning it out I think I had the most euphoric feeling I’ve ever experienced. It was that feeling when the world is literally your oyster. Pulling up Google maps and just brainstorming to myself, where on this beautiful Earth do I want to go? I can go anywhere. 

My journey might not be the same one that you would go on, and that’s fine. To each their own! Ask yourself what you want to get out of your trip, and then start planning with that in mind.

South America

I chose South America first for a couple reasons. Firstly, one of my best friends that I met in business school is also graduating, and she was planning a trip to South America. Secondly, I’ve always wanted to go to South America, it has some of the most beautiful natural sights to see. Andes Mountains, Lake Titicaca, The Amazon, Galapagos Islands, Uyuni Salt Flats, and so much more. Although I won’t be able to see ALL of these places, definitely going to try to see most of them!

I would not want to do South America alone, not yet anyways, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to join in on the adventure. She was so stoked when I wanted to come too so it was an excellent fit.

Our travel styles also seem to be pretty similar. We don’t want to have EVERYTHING booked out ahead of time. That way we can play things by ear a little bit and if we like one place we can just stay a little longer.

We will be in South America for a total of 6 weeks and spend ½ week – week in each country. The rough plan is to fly into Cartagena, Colombia. Fly over to Lima, Peru and then Cusco to do Machu Picchu. Then Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, and fly out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


After South America I’ll be saying goodbye to my friend, as she’s flying back home, and then taking this adventure solo. Since the rest of this journey is still a few months away, I’m not too worried about getting things set in stone, again so that I have the freedom to stay in one place longer, or even if I decide to change my itinerary completely. That’s the beauty of going travelling for a long time!

Once again, all of these countries I chose for various reasons. I won’t get into too much detail about why but overall, it’s because they have a lot of natural beauty I want to see, some have friends and family I’ll be visiting, and some I have heard really great things about.

The first place I’ll be flying into in Europe is the Netherlands, after that I’ll be heading to Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece and Turkey. Totalling roughly 2-3 months, allowing me to spend a lot of time in each place to truly experience it.


As of recently I have a lot of friends that have gone to Indonesia and Thailand and have loved it. They didn’t have to tell me twice. Another plus is that since Europe won’t be easy on the wallet, visiting Asia will definitely help keep my funds alive.

I haven’t nailed down exactly where I’d like to visit but for sure Bali and Thailand. I’ve made the timing so that it’ll just be starting to cool down in Europe, but these places will still be nice and hot. I’m also making sure to avoid any rainy or off season in these countries.


My friend that I was travelling with in South America is actually going to be “moving” here for a bit so I am absolutely going to visit her. I went to Australia about 6 years ago and absolutely loved it so why not go for a round 2! I never had the chance to make it up to the great barrier reef on my last trip so that is number one on my Australian bucket list, especially with it disappearing soon.

New Zealand

I will be ending off my trip in the land of the kiwi’s. I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand and this is the perfect opportunity! It’s one of the only places in the world you can surf and ski in the same day, how amazing is that. When I was telling my uncle, my trip plans he reminded me that his sister and her husband live out there and that I should visit them, just another reason to go!

I’m assuming that at the end of this trip my bank account is going to be struggling. Luckily, it’s fairly easy to get a work visa if you’re under 30, so might have to take advantage of that and become a kiwi myself for a couple months!


Now for those that are too lazy to read this entire post and just want to know where I’m going. Or something to easily refer back to if you’re curious, here’s a summation for you of my world trip travel itinerary. 

World Trip Itinerary Breakdown:
  • South America
    • Colombia
    • Peru
    • Bolivia
    • Chile
    • Argentina
    • Brazil
  • Europe
    • Netherlands
    • Belgium
    • Portugal
    • Spain
    • Slovenia
    • Croatia
    • Greece
    • Turkey
  • Asia
    • Indonesia
    • Thailand
  • Australia
  • New Zealand


Thanks for reading, catch up on some of my other blog posts here!

4 thoughts on “World Travel Trip Itinerary”

  • Love your blog, and yes I read every word. Belated Congrats on the Unilever competition! Travel is the best investment as the experiences become part of who you are and inform what you want, need and desire in your life. No one can ever take away the delicious memories, they are yours forever. ❤️

    • Awhe thanks so much. Can’t wait to see what beauty this world has to offer, along with sharing it & inspiring the rest of the world!

  • Thanks Kira. I know you’ll have a blast. Hopefully you will be able to post some cool pictures and videos. That’s the greatest part about this time in history. We can live your travels as much as you want us to. Through your posts. Have a Wonderful Time ❣️❣️❣️❣️

    • I will definitely be posting lots of cool pictures and hopefully some videos!! Could not agree more about what a great time we live in, glad you’ll be able to follow along with me!

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