How my Mom Inspired me to Travel

Mom, daughter, Kira Michelle, travel inspiration, mothers day

I would not be where I am today without my mom. I’m sure a lot of you reading this can probably say the same thing. But I’d like to share a little secret with you. A secret about how our relationship is special.

We have pretty much been there for each other through EVERYTHING. And we have been through a lot. Seriously, more than a lot of people go through in a lifetime. The point is, through all of these life altering events the only common person in our lives have been each other.

Relying on each other through thick and thin. We hold each other up when the world feels like it’s falling down. She has had to make some pretty big decisions to keep us ‘afloat’ for lack of a better word, and I didn’t always understand the bigger picture growing up, but I trusted her completely.

Two traits come to mind that I take for granted in myself. Two things that I will forever be grateful for because she instilled them in me.

Mom, daughter, Kira Michelle, travel inspiration, mothers day


1. Intuition

From the day I was born my mom says she had this eerily strange connection with me. Like the first time she held me she swore she was looking at a mirror, as if she was holding herself (what a crazy feeling!). She promised herself that she wouldn’t dump all of her own fears on me, that she would instead help me be a better version of her.

She would always ask me questions to bring out my own thoughts and independence instead of relying on an answer from her. She wanted to teach me to listen to my heart, listen to the feeling inside you that already knows what the answer is.

To some this might sound silly, but the truth is that so many people can’t feel that inner guide. They don’t know how to listen to something that isn’t logic and reason. “I should graduate and get a full-time job because that’s what I’m supposed to do.”, “I should marry my high school sweetheart because we’ve been together for so long.”. But is that what YOU want? Is that what would make YOU happy?

My intuition tells me that this next year is going to be amazing. I don’t feel nervous or scared because I’m comforted by the fact that this is EXACTLY what I should be doing in life.

Mom, daughter, Kira Michelle, travel inspiration, mothers day

2. Courage

As mentioned earlier, my mom and I have gone through some pretty tough things in life. She has been an incredible role model through it all. Always adapting and doing what needed to be done no matter how scary.

I’ve always trusted her without a doubt in my mind. When she needed a job, she bought a franchise. When life took away important people from us we found support. When more shit hit the fan, we moved back to her hometown. She never got down or upset about life. She just put on a brave face and did what had to be done.

This lack of fear, is something truly inspiring. So many people are afraid of life. They don’t try for what they want because their scared they’ll get hurt along the way. Well guess what, you will probably get hurt ‘playing it safe’ anyways so you may as well try!

I don’t know where I’ll be after this one year around the world, but that’s okay. There are going to be some tough life lessons along the way I’m sure, but you know what, I’m excited for them. The harder life gets, the stronger and more experienced you get.

Truly looking forward to meeting the stronger, better 2019 version of myself. All thanks to the amazing woman that instilled me to follow my heart, and to not be afraid of life and its hardships.

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  • I had the privilege and honour of watching this little girl bloom into a fascinating and fun young woman…and set sail now on new adventures. Love ya baby bear! Keep following that incredible heart of yours. It is wise, strong, compassionate and inspiring. Thanks for a wonderful mother’s day afternoon just the 2 of us.Now go fearlessly share yourself with the world this year!

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