5 Must See Neighbourhoods in Sao Paulo

If you are travelling to Brazil, Sao Paulo is one of those cities you just have to visit. There are so many great neighbourhoods in Sao Paulo, it is seriously hard to decide where to start.

I was only able to spend about 5 days in Sao Paulo, but it was enough time to see a ton of great things. However, I know the amount of Neighbourhoods in Sao Paulo can be quite overwhelming at first. So, here are my recommendations of areas to visit if you get the chance!

1. Paulista

Paulista Avenue is one of the most famous streets in Sao Paulo. It has a ton of history, so it would be great to do a walking tour here if you can. We didn’t get a chance to and decided to explore ourselves, but I think knowing the history as you go would have been much better.

Park on Paulista Avenue, Paulista Avenue
Trianon Park

We did stumble past this park that is directly on Paulista avenue (pictured above). When you step inside you feel like you’ve been put into this amazing rainforest. It is called Trianon Park, worth a definite stroll inside!

They close the street down on Sundays and have a ton of food vendors here, so I would definitely recommend going on a Sunday if you can.

2. Augusta

Augusta is in avenue in Sao Paulo that is known for having some of the best bars of the city. To be honest, I don’t think it compared to the bars in Vila Madalena. Perhaps that is just my opinion. Nonetheless still a great street to wander down, find some great food, and have some casual cocktails.

3. Vila Madalena

Vila Madalena is known as the bohemian district of Sao Paulo. Showcasing a ton of cool bars and restaurants. Definitely one of the most popular areas to visit. The Graffiti and murals around this area are quite famous and absolutely stunning.

SP Free Walking Tour, Vila Madalena
SP Free Walking Tour

We did a free walking tour here through “Free Walking Tours Sao Paulo” and it was absolutely fantastic. Thanks again Natali for a great tour! Here are some pictures I got during the tour.

Sao Paulo, Graffiti

Sao Paulo, Graffiti

Sao Paulo, Graffiti

For more graffiti photos, head over to my facebook page here!

The Vila Madalena area used to be the University neighbourhood of Sao Paulo. However, more recently this neighbourhood has gone high up in value with a lot of businesses coming in, making it more suitable these days for middle to high income earners to live.

4. Pinheiros

This is a very hip, trendy neighbourhood in Sao Paulo. You will find more great cafes, restaurants and bars in this area, and slightly less touristy. I ended up staying at a hostel in this area during the second half of my Sao Paulo trip. Would highly recommend it to everyone!

Pinheiros street art, Sao Paulo
Art Piece in Pinheiros

Pinheiros started becoming more popular in recent years as an extension of Vila Madalena. Ironically it was actually here before Vila Madalena but was not what it is known for today. A very hipster, trendy spot that tends to be a little less expensive than it’s Madalena neighbour.

5. Liberdade

Outside of Japan, Sao Paulo is home to the largest Japanese community in the world. So Japanese cuisine in this neighbourhood is a must try. Even as a vegetarian I couldn’t NOT try sushi here!

I recommend just scrolling through Trip Advisor before you go exploring to familiarize yourself with a few good options. But be aware, a lot of places have siesta from around 3-6, meaning they are closed during these hours. So make sure to grab some for lunch or be prepared to wait until 6.

Sadly I didn’t take any pictures of this beautiful neighbourhood, so you will just have to go check it out for yourself.

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps you navigate through the many neighbourhoods in Sao Paulo. Leave a comment below if you liked this article or just to say hey!

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