Visiting Paraty

Visiting Paraty, Paraty
Paraty Docks

When in Sao Paulo with plans to head to Rio de Janeiro, or vice versa, there are two must see stops along the way.

  1. Paraty is a beautiful little beach town in between Rio and Sao Paulo, slightly closer to Rio. 
  2. Ilha Grande is, as it states, a large island just a short boat ride from Paraty.

Visiting both Paraty and Ilha Grande is simply a must do!

Getting to Paraty

You arrive to Paraty by bus from either Sao Paulo or Rio. It takes about 6 hours from Rio, using an easy transfer van which is what I would recommend using. We left at 10am and arrived around 4pm.

Visiting Paraty, Paraty
Rural Paraty – beautiful Jungle
Staying in Paraty

We stayed at a hostel called Che Lagarto, and it was so great! Breakfast was a giant spread of bread, fruit, cereal and eggs. If you’ve been travelling in hostels a bit, you know that eggs can be a bit of a luxury. They also had good drink specials at their bar, and even in down season it was a very busy and social hostel.

They had another Che Lagarto hostel in Ilha Grande, but we decided to change it up and stay at a different one since it is a more expensive hostel option.

Visiting Paraty, Paraty
Praia do Melo – Trindade (Paraty)
Activities in Paraty

There are a few main activities to do from this town:

  • Firstly, they have a really great Jeep tour. We didn’t have enough time to do this unfortunately but others at our hostel said it was a blast. You get taken out for the day where you explore the beauty of the surrounding area and go swimming in waterfalls.
  • There is another activity where you go with a guide and get to go snorkelling, see some beautiful beaches, swim with turtles, and again see some waterfalls.
  • Lastly, you can take a bus to Trindade which hosts 3 amazingly beautiful beaches, and again some waterfalls.
Visiting Paraty, Paraty
Praia dos Ranchos – Trindade (Paraty)

We were sadly on a time crunch since it was the end of our South America trip. So we only stayed two nights and just did Trindade one day. Luckily it was a day that Rio was playing in the World Cup, so we got to watch the game from a little bar on the beach. It was perfect, and so much fun!

However, I’d really recommend staying longer than two nights so you can truly get the benefits that visiting Paraty has to offer. So if you really want to experience visiting Paraty to the fullest, you’ll need at least 3 FULL days here.

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