Visiting Lagos in Portugal – The Algarve Coast

The Algarve Coast

Visiting Lagos in the Algarve Coast was my favourite experience in this stunning country. To be fair I love the beach and small coastal towns. So, if you prefer to walk around a big city, explore museums, and those kinds of activities, we may have differing opinions.

Of course, I love a free city walking tour as much as the next gal but I can only do much city exploring. I just love the laid-back vibe of these small coastal towns, the breeze, the smell of salty air, and the fact that you can walk everywhere in about 30 minutes.

Visiting Lagos, Lagos, Algarve Coast
Lagos Coast

There are 3 main places to go if you are visiting the Algarve coast of Portugal. Lagos, Faro and Albufeira. Some may argue Sabres as well, but I would recommend instead staying in Lagos and just doing a day trip out there.

Faro is another main destination in the Algarve coast, but I wasn’t able to go there. However, travelers that came from Faro to Lagos said they preferred Lagos so I don’t think I missed out too much there.

Visiting Lagos Details

That being said, Lagos was one of my favourite cities on this trip yet. Although it is quite touristy, so I don’t think I’d be able to live there. Nevertheless, visiting for a week was perfect. I stayed there for 4 nights because I wanted to make my way up to Porto before my sister joined me in Lisbon.

Visiting Lagos, Lagos, Algarve Coast

The biggest activity when visiting Lagos is kayaking around the coast and caves. All companies offer it for €30 or €35, and it takes about 2 hours. As I mentioned before you can also take a day trip to Sabres, which I loved and would highly recommend! Another thing to do is explore the Benagil Caves. They are about halfway between Lagos and Albufeira, so you could do them from either city. Again, another day trip here would be necessary.

Visiting Lagos, Lagos, Algarve Coast
Cave Exploring
Other Activities

Besides those “expeditions” you can take surf lessons, go paddle boarding, explore the many beaches within walking distance, walk around the adorable town, try their delicious all you can eat sushi, and other amazing foods, as well as enjoying their great night life!

Nightlife in Lagos

The bars I went to were all small bars/clubs that didn’t cost entry, however they do offer bigger clubs which are only €5 or €10 entry. Some bars I’d recommend that my hostel took us to were Black Cat, Tavern, and Whytes.

Hostel Recommendation

The biggest known hostel in this area is Rising Cock. Nothing against them specifically but it’s a little bit overrated. I would HIGHLY recommend staying in Sol a Sol if you are looking for a good mixture of a friendly, social, and party hostel! If they put you in their sister hostel, Olde Town, even better. That’s where I stayed, and it was seriously amazing.

The managers, Jason and Amy are super welcoming, offer a free (standard) breakfast, and for just €5 you can get a delicious family style dinner and all you can drink Sangria. They also have a ton of activities during the day that are great for meeting people, and Jason’s cousin, Harry, is the ultimate guy to take everyone around on a free bar crawl at night. One of the most welcoming and fun hostels I’ve stayed at yet (out of a solid 20+)!

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