Most Beautiful Cities in Spain – Part II – Toledo

Central Spain

I am very excited to talk to you guys about a city in Spain called Toledo. I had an absolute amazing day exploring what I consider to be another one of the most beautiful cities in Spain!

If you missed part I of this series, be sure to read it here. It is all about one of the other most beautiful cities in Spain, the city of Seville.


Toledo is a city about 100 km, or 1-hour South of Madrid. Easy to get to by bus or train, but luckily, I met a friend that grew up in Toledo, so she drove myself and 3 others there for our very own private tour!

most beautiful cities in Spain, Toledo
Toledo Behind the Castle Wall

Toledo has a beautiful old town built inside this giant castle wall. Views overlook the giant hills and new city, as well as the beautiful river, Rio Tajo.

When we first arrived in Toledo we ended up accidentally crashing a Wedding in the most beautiful church, that apparently tourists were allowed to go into. So, I guess you can’t really call it crashing.

most beautiful cities in Spain, Toledo
Crashing a Wedding in Toledo

We then wandered through the streets, went into many famous buildings and had tapas on a side street where all the locals were eating.

*Note: Pro Travel Tip!

NEVER eat in a place where there are pictures of food outside of the restaurant, on a giant board, with a waiter telling you you’re hungry and to come eat there. These are tourist traps where you are bound to way overpay for the very regular quality food. Find a parallel street off the beaten path, listen for the local language. If it’s busy and you can hear the local language you’ve found yourself a gem.

most beautiful cities in Spain, Toledo
View of New City and the River from the Old City
Time Needed for Toledo

Spending the day in Toledo, roughly 6 hours, was more than enough time to explore its beauty. Although I think I could have spent another hour or two had we not needed to go back into Madrid at a certain time. So if you are ever in Madrid, markdown Toledo as a 1-day excursion for yourself to do!

Next City Up…

After Toledo I headed back to Madrid and because I had already been in Madrid for about 5 days prior to this, to be completely honest, I was a little bored of it. I had already done many of the things I wanted to do. Hence, I got some advice to go see Segovia for a day. Man, am I glad I did! I think it was by far one of the most beautiful places yet.

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