Most Beautiful Cities in Spain – Part III – Segovia

Segovia actually blew my mind away. I think to date it is my first pick for one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. I realize I am putting it as the third post and not the first. However, this is mainly due to chronological order of when I visited, as to give you an idea of how you could also plan your Spain trip.

most beautiful cities in Spain, Segovia, Segovia Spain
City of Segovia

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Segovia is definitely doable from Madrid in a day trip, as it is about 100 km north. I would recommend taking the bus from Moncloa station. Tickets are only 8 euros for a round trip, so you really can’t beat that. I caught a 1pm bus, arriving at 2pm, and found that leaving Segovia at 7pm was more than enough time. Perhaps even one hour too long. So, if you are buying a round trip ticket, I would suggest 4 to 6 hours.

most beautiful cities in Spain, Segovia, Segovia Spain
Stunning View from the Alcazar

There are 3 main things in Segovia I suggest you go and see:

  1. Roman Aqueduct

This is one of the biggest Roman Aqueducts in Europe and is seriously stunning. To think about how the Romans were ever able to build such a huge structure is crazy. This is also a great free to see.

Be sure to walk up the “Aqueduct Street” and check out the cute bars and cafes they have all along whilst walking up towards the aqueduct. Once you get to the Aqueduct, there are stairs to the left which you can walk up freely and get a great view of the entire city and enormous structure!

most beautiful cities in Spain, Segovia, Segovia Spain, Aqueduct, Roman Aqueduct Segovia
Roman Aqueduct – Segovia
  1. Seville Cathedral

This Cathedral is so beautiful, even for someone who isn’t religious, I can appreciate the beauty of something as gorgeous as this. They do tours of it every hour or so, with a short break during mid-day. I ended up waiting to do a 4 o’clock tour where you get to go up into the bell tour and also get a great view of the city. However, when I showed up at 3:50 it was already full. So, if you are wanting to do the tour (which is only 1 or 2 Euro’s more than the 3 Euro cost of entry), buy your ticket ahead of time when you arrive!

most beautiful cities in Spain, Segovia, Segovia Spain
Cathedral of Segovia
  1. Alcazar

The Segovia Alcazar is by far the most stunning Alcazar I have seen in Spain yet. It is rumoured that the Disney Castle is based off of this Alcazar, and I can definitely see why! The inside is nice and all, but to be honest I enjoyed the outside architecture of this place more. Nevertheless, I still believe the 2 or 3 Euro’s it costs to go inside is well worth it.

most beautiful cities in Spain, Segovia, Segovia Spain, Alcazar
Alcazar – Rumoured Disney Castle Inspiration
Cafe’s in Segovia

After you’ve spent some time seeing these 3 things, go find a nice terrace to have some lunch or a glass of wine on! Or whilst in the middle of seeing these 3 things, completely up to you of course.

Next City Up… 

Next up is my last and final post on this series! A city you all have probably heard a lot about, so of course I couldn’t leave it off my list. The beautiful city of San Sebastian!

Keep checking the blog in a few days to see it go live!

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