Most Beautiful Cities in Spain – Part IV – San Sebastian

Alright everyone here it is! The fourth and final city of my most beautiful cities in Spain series. The one and only, San Sebastian.

San Sebastian is perhaps some place you may have already heard about. It is definitely known by tourists to be one of THE most beautiful cities in Spain. However, to be completely honest I thought that the cities in my Part I, Part II, and Part III of this series were more stunning, but that is just my opinion.

Keep in mind my opinion might be a bit influenced on the fact that when I went there the weather was ‘classic Northern Spain’, or in other words a bit dreary and rainy. As you can see by the photos.

most beautiful cities in Spain, San Sebastian, Spain
View from Urgell Park
San Sebastian

Nevertheless, San Sebastian is still one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. The foremost reason being the two beautiful beaches it hosts. The more famous beach, Playa de la Conca, is so long, with beautiful sand, beautiful water and you really can’t beat it. The city is also built right around the beach which makes it so stunning. Sometimes other cities, such as Bilbao have beautiful beaches as well, but you have to drive about 20 minutes to get to it, whereas San Sebastian is built right around its beach.

most beautiful cities in Spain, San Sebastian, Spain
Streets of San Sebastian
Time Needed for San Sebastian

I had heard such great things about San Sebastian that I knew I definitely wanted to visit but in between my volunteer positions I was not sure I’d have the time. Luckily, I found one week to spare in which I spent visiting Bilbao and their cities ‘end of summer’ festival. Bilbao is just an hour and a half away from San Sebastian, so a friend and I spent a day trip in San Sebastian which I felt was enough to explore and see everything. Otherwise, other travelers I have met had told me that 2 nights would be more than enough to see the city. Due to the fact that it’s quite a small town, and that it is also one of the most expensive cities to visit in Spain.

To Do in San Sebastian

If you are in fact planning on visiting San Sebastian I have a few suggestions on stuff for you to do for the day or two that you are there.

1. Urgell Park

Takes about 15 minutes to climb up the steps of this park where you will reach both an amazing view of the city, and a very cool old castle. This was the first thing my friend and I did when we got there, and I am so happy we did. We got the most amazing view to scope out where we wanted to go next in the city, so it was perfect!

most beautiful cities in Spain, San Sebastian, Spain
Bell Tower of the Urgell Park ‘Castle’
2. Old Town

Very close to Urgell Park is the old city centre of San Sebastian. The streets right below are mostly all pedestrian streets, meaning no cars can drive on them. Walk around here, get some Pinxos (Tapas) and a drink for lunch.

Classic Basque Pintxos (Tapas) for Lunch
3. Cathedral

Once you’re done exploring the old town head down to the “Plaza del Buen Pastor” where you can either explore the Cathedral or just sit down and enjoy some people watching.

most beautiful cities in Spain, San Sebastian, Spain
San Sebastian Cathedral
4. Playa de la Concha

Of course you have to visit the beach, even if you have no time for the first 3 items, make sure you fit this in! Even if just for a quick view.

most beautiful cities in Spain, San Sebastian, Spain
Rainy Day on the Still Packed Beach
5. Playa Zurriola

A more lesser known and less touristy beach is Playa Zurriola, which vacates the side on the less touristy part of downtown on the opposite side of the river that runs through town.

Although I visited during a classic rainy Basque day, I know there are a ton of days that have a lot of sunshine. So, if you do visit, try and check the weather before you go and pick a good day!

How did you like the series about most beautiful cities in Spain so far? Did you find it useful? Be sure to let me know by commenting below!

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