My First Workaway Experience – Teaching English in Benicassim

My first Workaway experience has been absolutely amazing. I knew I wanted to stay in Spain for a while, and of course Spain isn’t the cheapest of places for a backpacker. So, what better way to engage with local culture, AND save money than by volunteering your time in a quaint Spanish town?!

For those that don’t know much about Workaway and it’s benefits, read my post here now!

first Workaway experience, Benicassim Sunset
Benicassim Ocean Front
The Position

I applied for a few options on Workaway but the one I ended up getting was the one I wanted the most. The “position” was to stay with a family in a town called Benicassim and teach / practice English for 3 hours from Monday – Friday with their two little girls. Who are 4 and 7 years old. In return I would get free accommodation and food for the month I was there. Pretty sweet deal, right?!

first Workaway experience, Benicassim
Town of Benicassim
The Town

Benicassim itself is a beautiful town, having a famous beach, and being a place where many local Spanish residents come for their holidays. You could say it is one of those perfect picturesque places to visit.

first Workaway experience
Local Festival
My Experience

I arrived in Benicassim from Valencia on a Friday afternoon, only a short 45-minute train ride. There, my new host father and 7-year-old daughter greeted me and picked me up. Since I didn’t have to start teaching English until Monday I had the weekend to get to know the town and the family.

They invited me to go with them to a Waterpark the next day called Aquarama. Turns out it has the 11th biggest waterslide in the world. Which I can attest to being actually quite terrifying! In a fun let’s go again kind of way of course. That was an absolutely perfect way to spend my first day, and I’m glad I decided to join them because it turns out it was the 2nd last weekend the Waterpark would be open.

first Workaway experience
Benicassim Fiesta – Fireworks

As the days passed I fell into a pretty perfect routine. Wake up, make some fresh orange juice, go to the local gym where I would either attend a yoga class, or do my own workout, then head to either the beach or the family’s pool. Then around 2 o’clock I’d go home to make some lunch before the girls arrived at 3pm for their three-hour English practice.

In Spain dinner isn’t until around 9 o’clock ish so once I finished with the girls I’d have a few hours to explore the town or just hangout and catch up on some reading or writing. Of course, the entire month wasn’t always the same as that but overall it was a pretty perfect, relaxing and soul-filling month. A definite nice break from the party culture that hostels offer. All in all, I have had such an amazing time during my first Workaway experience and would seriously recommend it to anyone and everyone who is travelling, or wants to travel!

What’s Next

Now after spending two months in and around Spain I am off to my final Spanish city, Barcelona! Stay tuned for some insights on my soon to be amazing Barcelona experience! Ciao for now.

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