Why 3 Days in Bangkok is More Than Enough

3 days in Bangkok?

Some people say to avoid Bangkok all together. Due to its intense smog, and being so over crowded. However, I think it is still a very cool experience to have at least once. Especially coming from some place so different as Canada.

Bangkok is absolutely enormous, but I truly believe that you can get the most out of it in just 3 days and 2 nights. Any more than that and you may get over whelmed and over smogged (maybe it is a personal preference)…

I was told by a lot of people to avoid it completely, but I’m glad I decided to check it out for myself. I met a lot of great people, had a lot of great street food (best Pad Thai yet), and 3 days in Bangkok was just perfect.

Where to Stay in Bangkok

Once you arrive in Bangkok I recommend either staying by the commercial Centre, or by Khao San Road. I chose the latter and stayed at Mad Monkey Hostel, which I’d highly recommend. Especially if you are travelling alone and want to meet lots of great people.

Arriving in Bangkok

From the airport you can easily get to Khao San Area via transfer van. Just head down one level from arrivals (from Suvarnabhumi Airport) and look for S1 bus. It only costs 60 baht per person for the 45 minute ride. If you are staying in a different area, just do some more research, I am sure there is another shuttle that can take you there.

Spend this first part of the day just getting familiar with your new area. Walk around the markets, snack on some street food (yes street food is so good here, of course use your own judgment on that part though), and just try to relax and adjust to the time as best as possible.

Once you are ready for some 3 days in Bangkok action here are some of the best activities I was able to do with my 3 days.

Day Time Activities
  • Go see the lying Buddha
  • Walk around the other temples in the lying Buddha area
  • Take a boat ride down the river
  • Walk around China town
  • Go to the commercial Centre and get lost exploring the 3 giant Siam malls (Siam Discovery, Siam Centre, Siam Paragon)
  • Go to Lumphini Park for a nice stroll and get away from the hustle and bustle
  • Walk around the markets you’ll find on almost every street. Lots of cheap but good clothes and food.
Khao San Road

Before I get into the evening activities let me tell you a bit more about this famous Khao San road. You’ll find bars on either side of this street and people partying in the centre.

Pro tip, you’re allowed to drink on the street and you’ll find many vendors selling you beers for 100 Baht ($4 CAD), or hop into a 7/11 BEFORE midnight to buy some even cheaper ones.

Evening Activities
  • Khao San Road, as mentioned above.
  • Muay Thai Fights, entertaining way to enjoy the biggest sport in Thailand.
  • Worlds largest Adult Playground. I didn’t actually make it hear but it’s supposed to be a cool area with more bars, lots of strip clubs, etc. Good if you want to get a little crazy but not go to Khao San Road.

Hope you found this useful in deciding how you feel about visiting Bangkok! Like I mentioned before, it is definitely a city most people can’t spend a lot of time in but I do think it is worth the experience.

Comment below if you have any thoughts or anything to add about spending 3 days in Bangkok.

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