My Amazing Visit to Langkawi Malaysia Island

If you are heading to Malaysia, you have probably done a bit of research on the must see places to visit. Or perhaps you are like me and leave it to the last minute. Either way is fine because you are about to learn about my amazing visit to Langkawi Malaysia island. Thus (hopefully) convincing you to put it on your bucket list.

Getting to Langkawi Malaysia Island

I arrived by boat from Georgetown Penang. The ferry ride takes 3 hours and costs 70 MYR, the equivalent of $22 Canadian dollars. There are a few other ferries from northern mainland Malaysia as well as Koh Lipe, an island in Thailand. Thus giving you plenty of options to get to this beautiful island depending on which direction you are coming from.

Where to Stay

The absolute best place to stay on Langkawi is Cenang beach or Tengah beach. Cenang is the more happening or party beach. Whereas Tengah is a bit quieter. I ended up staying on the outskirts of Cenang in a hostel called Tubotel. Which I would recommend to everyone!

The owner, Alan, is absolutely amazing and makes you feel right at home. The hostel has a beautiful deck that overlooks the sea and a gorgeous sunset every night. Although not swimmable here it is only a very short Grab (common application in Asia, similar to Uber) ride away or a nice 10 to 15 minute walk.

They also serve good western food here or you can get some cheap delicious Malaysian dinner at a restaurant right next door. Otherwise you have to go for a bit of a ride or a short Grab ride to get to the main beach road with more shops and restaurants.

Beers and Brits

I stayed in Langkawi Malaysia island for 5 days and had a very different experience from the first couple of days to the last couple of days. When I arrived I quickly made friends with a group of 6 British lads that were travelling together, and 2 British girls that were also staying there. Needless to say we didn’t need to find much entertainment. When you mix day beers and a big group of British people – fun just happens. So the first two days were spent lounging at the hostel, going for walks, eating delicious food, and playing some pool at a bar in Tengah beach called Sunba

Over those first couple of days I had also made friends with my roommate. A very lovely 34 year old lady also from England. So after a couple of days when the big group of guys and girls had left, my roommate and I decided to rent a scooter and check out some of the nearby attractions. 

I couldn’t believe how many fun things there were to do on Langkawi Malaysia island and that I only had a couple of days left here. Of course I can’t regret my first couple of days of relaxing at the hostel with my new British friends, but of course I wish I knew about these places so we could have all done them together.

Must Do’s

So having only done very minimal things thus far, I hadn’t seen or known what else the island had to offer. Luckily my roommate, Simone, had already been there for a few days longer than I had and had a list of things she wanted to see and do.

  • 7 Wells Waterfall

First on the list was 7 Wells Waterfall. To this day it is by far the most beautiful waterfall I have been to. Just the perfect place to spread out, relax, enjoy some sun, some company and some very fresh cool water. Since it was my favourite place (almost ever) I had to write you guys an entire post about how amazing it is. Check it out here.

7 wells waterfall, Langkawi Malaysia island
7 Wells Waterfall
  • Skull Beach (Locals Beach)

Skull Beach is a beach located not too far away from 7 Wells Waterfall. It is quite small and unknown to most tourists. So you will either end up there on a quiet day, or potentially packed full of locals.

The water was absolutely clear and stunning, while the sand was equally perfect. An excellent way to spend a few hours.

  • Tengah & Cenang Beach

You might recognize these beaches from the where to stay section but they are also really great beaches to check out if you aren’t staying here. Whether it is during the day or at night.

In the daytime they are lively with good restaurants and beautiful water, with a stunning sunset. And at night they have some fire dancers on Cenang beach where you can lay on a mat and relax with a cold beverage.

This temple is worth a drive to – in my opinion mostly for the gigantic stone carving they have on the side of the mountain. The temple itself isn’t all that fancy or cool to see but definitely worth a look if you are in or around the area.

Langkawi Malaysia island, temple, buddhist temple
Wat Koh Wanararm
  • Skytrex Adventure 

Skytrex Adventure is located outside in a forest and it’s exactly what it sounds like. You basically are attempting to do a trek in the sky. It’s like an adventure playground but for adults. Check out their website for details on everything you can do and to see prices.

  • Cable Cars and Sky Bridge

One of Langkawi’s more famous attractions are the cable cars you can take up to the top of a mountain. They are a bit pricey but definitely worth the amazing view. When you are at the top you can buy a very cheap ticket to go onto to Sky Bridge. Said to be the Worlds Longest Free Span and Curved Bridge in the World. Of course this Bridge will also give you the most stunning views of Malaysia – and also some of Thailand!

Langkawi Malaysia island was exactly the type of island vibe place that I was craving. After being in Georgetown Penang, which ended up being a letdown for me, this was seriously perfect. Thank you Langkawi for all the great memories and wonderful people I met. If whoever’s reading this gets a chance to go I hope you find it as beautiful, relaxing, and fun as I did!

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