7 Wells Waterfall in Langkawi Malaysia

The 7 Wells Waterfall in Langkawi Malaysia is absolutely the BEST waterfall I have seen in my entire life. Which really just means better than Croatia, or any in Thailand. But seriously, THE BEST.

Getting to 7 Wells Waterfall in Langkawi Malaysia

It is located on the North West of the island. You can take a Grab there, or rent a scooter. Both will take about 30 minutes from Cenang Beach. Not sure where Cenang is? Learn more about Langkawi Malaysia island in my previous post. We found a scooter rental for only 30 MYR a day and decided to split it, making it only 15 MYR each, or only $5 CAD.

A Grab ride would likely cost around 20 MYR there, and 20 back. So although not too much more expensive either it depends if you want to drive a scooter or not, either way is totally fine.

Prepare for Stairs

When you get to 7 Wells Waterfall in Langkawi Malaysia, there is no parking or entrance fee. Which after coming from Thailand, where they charge tourists for every little thing, it was a breath of fresh air.

Then prepare yourself. To get to the top of the waterfall you have to walk up about a million steps. But don’t worry. It is a satisfying workout and makes you very sweaty and ready to get into the fresh cool water awaiting you at the peak.

Don’t be fooled into stopping halfway. There is a halfway point that people opt to go for instead. No, continue the climb. Save the halfway spot for once you have spent at least an hour or two at the top.

At the Top

At the top you will see what appears to be a small waterfall. Just lots of rushing water spread throughout a few levels which has created a few quaint pools to relax in. It is a really funny feeling when you get in, you feel like you are being pushed with the current. But it’s very mild and trust me, you won’t fall over the edge…

Although please do a bit careful. There is a beautiful view of mountains, and forests which distracts you while at the edge of the waterfall. With nothing but a small metal chain at the end of the edge to warn tourists not to go any further. Don’t be scared though, as long as you are not dumb, nothing could happen to you.

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View From the Somewhat Dangerous Top of 7 Wells Waterfall

Absolute Best Part

The very BEST thing about this top section is the natural slide you can go down! The rocks have formed about a 7 foot slide that you can slide down on your back right into a nice deep pool of fresh water.

At first it looks like just a normal strong flow of water. Something you would never think is possible to slide down. Then I saw one girl go down it, asked her if it was safe and she said yes there were no sharp rocks or anything nearby. So of course I just had to try. Needless to say my roommate and I both went down it a handful of times.

To see a video of me sliding down make sure to check out my Instagram Stories in “Malaysia” or like my Facebook page Kira Michelle Travels and find it in my recent videos.

Monkeys Galore

We also got lucky this day and were greeted by a family of about 7 monkeys. We were sitting near the edge of the waterfall when all of a sudden these monkeys appeared out of nowhere. Having a bad experience only a few days earlier, my roommate got scared and started collecting all of our stuff into our bags so that it wouldn’t get stolen. Apparently monkeys steal things! Who knew.

Nonetheless, they ended up being very chill monkeys. The monkeys sat there for a bit, took my apple core that we hadn’t put away, climbed some bars nearby and then continued on their way. I also have a video of them on my Instagram and Facebook page so make sure to check it out using the links above!

Half Way Waterfall

After a couple of hours relaxing here we decided we would head back down and check out the halfway point. Little did we know at the time just how awesome it was here too. You walk into it and get a view of an enormous maybe 50 foot waterfall which we had just been laying on top of!

7 wells waterfall, Langkawi Malaysia island
Half-Way Waterfall

The pools to swim in down here are much larger and were a lot more crowded. But it was very cool as you could actually dive off a rock and jump into the pools. We could have easily spent a couple of hours down there but only had time for about 45 minutes before it was going to get too dark to scooter safely home.

So my advice, go in the morning around 10am and spend the entire day here! Half at the top, and half at the bottom. They even have good and cheap Malaysian food, snacks, and drinks down at the bottom for a midday break.

There you have it, an entire days worth of amazing swimming, tanning, sliding, monkeying around fun at 7 Wells Waterfall in Langkawi Malaysia. If you ever go to Malaysia you must go to Langkawi. And if you go to Langkawi you MUST go to this waterfall. I can’t believe I almost didn’t – I would have regretted it so much!

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