Best Way to See the Uyuni Salt Flats Bolivia

Uyuni Salt Flats Bolivia, Salt Piles

Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats Bolivia

The Uyuni Salt Flats Bolivia are an astoundingly beautiful place to visit. It is the biggest salt flat in the world, and it seriously takes your breath away. All you can see is crisp, clean, white for days along a bright blue horizon.

If you are making the trip to Peru and can spare a few more days it well worth the journey. The best way to do it is by booking a bus from La Paz to the town of Uyuni and booking a tour directly from there.

My friend and I ended up taking an overnight bus from La Paz to Uyuni and booking a tour for that same morning. You could also choose to go a day earlier and spend a night in a hostel before your tour.

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Uyuni Salt Flats Tour Options

Once you are in Uyuni you will see an option for two different tours. Either one or three days. We unfortunately only had time for a 1-day tour which was amazing. However I would highly recommend doing the 3-day tour if you have time, as I have heard nothing but great things from other travellers.

One Day Uyuni Salt Flats Tour Itinerary


We started our Uyuni Salt Flats Bolivia tour around 10:30 am, first seeing a very interesting train graveyard.

Uyuni Train Graveyard

After spending about 20 minutes exploring this train graveyard (which is all you really need) we headed to a tiny little village that had a salt museum. After walking around this village, seeing the museum and attempting to speak Spanish with the locals (my Spanish was horrible at the time), we started driving into the salt flats.

It amazed me how long we drove on here for, they go on for miles and miles. 10,582 square kilometers to be exact.

According to our tour guide people used to be allowed to rent cars and tour it themselves but they stopped it because people would actually get lost and go missing for days. Since you can’t see anything for miles you could easily have no idea how to get out of them. Scary stuff!


We stopped for lunch at an old salt hostel that has been turned into a place for lunch for tourists. I believe this was done to limit the amount of driving to the middle of the flats, helping to preserve them.

After lunch we headed towards the other side, which had mountains bordering it. We took some pictures that had some water to see the “giant mirror”.

Uyuni Salt Flats

Uyuni Salt Flats

Early Evening

We then headed to Isla Incahuasi, a beautiful island filled with desert cacti in the middle of the salt flats. Takes about 15 minutes to trek to the top and get an amazing view of the flats and island around you.

Uyuni Cactus Island

As the sun was starting to set we drove off and stopped to take a few more pictures. A perfect way to end the perfect day.

Sunset at Uyuni

Uyuni Salt Flats Bolivia Photos

What you’ve all been waiting for. The amazing, creative photos you can take at the Uyuni Salt Flats Bolivia. After being inspired by other people’s photos I had seen both on Instagram, my tour group and I tried to imitate some of the cool ideas. Some were thought of on the spot of course and turned out even better than I could’ve imagined!

Uyuni Salt Flat Bolivia PhotoUyuni Salt Flat Bolivia PhotoUyuni Salt Flat Bolivia PhotoUyuni Salt Flat Bolivia PhotoUyuni Salt Flat Bolivia Photo

If the Uyuni Salt Flats Bolivia aren’t on your bucket list yet, I hope they will be now! It was such an easy and cheap experience, especially if you are already going to be in Cusco, Peru doing the Machu Picchu Trek.

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