5 Best Tiny Houses for Rent in Manitoba

Are you tired of not being able to travel because of Covid? Tiny houses for rent in Manitoba have been increasing and now is your chance to rent one too!

Although tiny houses aren’t yet legal in Manitoba as a ‘primary residence’, tiny houses are still popping up in the most beautiful places available for rent. If you are looking for a relaxing getaway with your partner or bestie that is eco-friendly, and budget conscious then renting a tiny house is for you!

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What is a Tiny House?

If you haven’t heard of the tiny house movement yet, then go check it out now.

The gist of it is that many people around the world are downsizing from their large 2,000 square foot homes into tiny homes that average around 300 square feet. People are seeing a lot more pros than cons for this way of living, although it’s not for everyone.


Pros of Tiny Houses

Pros include being much cheaper to own and maintain. On average Tiny House’s cost around $23,000 USD to build. Monthly bills are minimal, thus reducing your carbon footprint and becoming more eco-friendly. Freedom of movement as people can transport their tiny houses easily. You are also more in tune with nature as a lot of tiny house owners choose to put their tiny houses somewhere they love. Tiny home owners also live a much simpler life. Since there is no room for extra stuff they only have belongings that enrich their lives

This post isn’t about convincing you tiny houses are good to live in. It’s about showing you how you can enjoy a little getaway with tiny houses for rent in Manitoba!

Perfect for any couple on a budget looking for a mini getaway during covid. 


Tiny Houses for Rent in Manitoba


1. Natural Paradise In Matlock Manitoba 

Less than an hour North from Winnipeg city centre lays this adorable tiny house. Surrounded by acres of nature and only a one-minute walk away from Lake Winnipeg. Making this tiny house the perfect get away option for a weekend away with your loved one. 

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2. Rustic Tiny House Cabin in Richer Manitoba

Get out of the city with this cozy log cabin tiny home. It comes equipped with everything you could need including a wood-burning fireplace and its very own sauna! Located only 40 minutes South-East from Winnipeg’s city centre. 

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3. Millenium Acres Tiny House in Grunthal Manitoba

This tiny house log cabin is on 1,000 acres of country land. Surrounded by wild life in every direction this is the perfect getaway for those nature lovers. Also just a short 7km to the nearest town and beach. Only an hour south of Winnipeg in Grunthal, MB. It will fit your budget too at only $75 a night! 

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4. Woods Cabin Off-Grid Tiny House in Marchand Manitoba

Looking for a getaway that will have you off-the-grid and re-connecting with nature? Then this is the tiny house experience for you. Tucked away in the beautiful Marchand Woods just over an hour drive South East of Winnipeg. 

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5. The Gazebo Tiny House in Winnipeg Manitoba

Want to experience a tiny house getaway without leaving the city? This adorable unit will have everything you and your partner need for a weekend away to re-connect and relax while still being close to all city amenities. 

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Don’t Miss Your Chance for a Tiny Home Rental in Manitoba

Covid may have taken away many things from your life – the ability to travel, see your friends and family, go out shopping or to eat, and much more. Let’s not let it take away our ability for mini vacations right here in our own province! 

Tiny houses for rent in Manitoba are a great way for you and your partner or your bestie to have a mini getaway. What do you think about renting a tiny home? Would you do it, especially right now during covid? Comment your thoughts below! 


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