7 Powerful Benefits of Going Zero Waste

7 Powerful Benefits of Going Zero Waste


7 Powerful Benefits of Going Zero Waste

Worldwide, we are producing 3.5 Billion tonnes of waste every single year. Without significant changes this number will grow 70% by the year 2050. That is less than 30 years away people!

The USA alone is producing a world leading 250 million tonnes. Unless we can make some serious life changes, get ready for your kids to grow up in a trash filled wasteland…


What Can We Do?

The question becomes, how can we help?

People all over the world are flocking to the idea of zero waste living. The benefits of going zero waste are actually astounding. Not only does zero waste benefit our planet. Going zero waste can improve your health, save you thousands of dollars every year, help your community and even boost our economy.

Remember, you don’t have to be perfect you just have to try!

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Personal Benefits of Going Zero Waste

1. Save Money

People think going zero waste is challenging but when they see the difference in their bank account, they might reconsider.

  1. No more meaningless shopping, more mindful purchases
  2. Less online shopping, more support locally
  3. Buy less quantity and better quality items
  4. People living zero waste lives say they can easily save up to $6,000 a year

2. Live a Healthier Lifestyle

If you want to kick start your health, going zero waste is a great way to begin!

  • Minimal processed and junk food groceries
  • With less meaningless shopping you will have more time for new things. For instance, taking up a new active hobby – rollerblading, cycling, boxing, etc.
  • Buying less processed foods means you can take some time and learn how to cook up healthy and delicious recipes.

If you are looking to live healthier, or just get a jumpstart on healthy cooking, here are three cookbooks I would recommend.


Community Benefits of Going Zero Waste

3. Zero Waste Community Initiatives

Many cities have zero waste groups. Try checking Facebook to see if your city has one! It is a great way to connect with others and gain some new meaningful friendships, all the while helping your community.

  • City wide cleanups
  • Selling or donating your composting to a neighborhood garden
  • Skill sharing to help reuse and repair your household items


Economic Benefits of Going Zero Waste

Economic benefits are also a large reason consumers choose to live a zero waste life.

4. Creates a Circular Economy

  • It should not be a surprise to anyone that we are living in a heavy consumerist society. Going zero waste opens up more opportunities to recover, resell and reuse household items such as appliances, old electronics, toothpaste tubes, candles, etc.
  • Money also stays locally as more local products and services are being purchased, which also reduces C02 emissions by eliminating transportation.

5. Creates More Jobs

  • We create 10 times more jobs through reducing, reusing, repairing, renting, and recycling than through trash disposal.


Environmental Benefits of Going Zero Waste

6. Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions / Global Warming

7. Save Our Oceans

  • By the year 2050, our oceans are going to have more plastic than fish in them. By going zero waste you can make a tremendous impact on the health of our oceans!


Final Thoughts

Now that you know the benefits of going zero waste – do you think you would try it? Let me know in the coments below!

I am 5 days away from finishing my 30 day zero waste challenge and it has been a huge eye opener.

I would recommend anyone and everyone to try the 30 day zero waste challenge. Once you are finished, you can see for yourself where you can improve and gradually overtime become almost zero waste!

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