Zero Waste Challenge – No Waste Day 30 of 30

Going zero waste is an amazing way to kick start your health, give back to your community, help our economy and our planet! Doing a 30 day zero waste challenge is a great way to start your zero waste journey.

Doing this challenge has really opened up my eyes to so many things. If you haven’t read part one of this post yet, do it now! I talk about how to start your own 30 day zero waste challenge, great resources to help you, as well as my experience and struggles. Go check out the first half of my 30 day zero waste challenge!

Now that I am finished my own 30 day zero waste challenge here are my biggest takeaways. 

Biggest Takeaways:

  • Ditch the paper towel 
  • Compost is your new best friend
  • Reduce, repair, reuse, repurpose! 
  • Zero waste is a process

ditch the paper towels, no paper towels, 30 day zero waste challenge

1. Ditch the Paper Towel

We cut down 50,000 trees every single day in the US alone to support our massive paper towel habit. Not using any paper towels, or kleenex has to be one of the biggest changes I’ve found this month. At first it seemed weird to always be using a cloth to wipe my hands or my face while eating, or to use as a rag for cleaning. Now I don’t know why everyone doesn’t use old cloths and rags for this? Especially if it can help save 50,000 trees a day!


2. Compost is Your New Best Friend

I am still extremely new to composting. It has only been a month since I started and things are slowly breaking down in my compost storage tote. It is crazy to see how much food waste happens in a month but my 40L tote is already half full in just one month! Hopefully things will start breaking down more and I can donate it to a local garden before it gets too full. 

I will definitely keep composting and am looking forward to seeing how it develops! 

30 day zero waste challenge, no waste challenge, no waste march, zero waste march
30 Day Zero Waste Challenge Box – Day 1, 15 & 30


3. Reduce, Reuse, Repair and Repurpose 

The more into the 30 days I got, the more I used up things in my cupboard, fridge and everywhere else. Things like protein powder, windshield washer fluid, toothbrush, and so much more. It really made me think about how and if (usually you can!) I can use them before tossing them in the trash. 

I am going to repurpose my huge protein powder container to store other goodies (not entirely sure yet), use my old toothbrush as a new small cleaning scrub brush, and basically continue to repurpose and reuse as best as possible. 


4. Zero Waste is a Process

The biggest thing I’ve learned is that going zero waste is a process. You can’t just give your house a good cleaning at the beginning and it all will be sunshine and rainbows from then on. As you progress, you keep using up things and repurposing them as mentioned above. 

Near the end of my 30 days, by day about 25, I was getting really antsy to do some spring cleaning and organizing. I wanted to throw away all my old sponges, and plastic packaging, and start fresh with nice new sustainable options.

I realized I needed to take a step back and not throw out things that weren’t completely used up yet. Or throw away old plastic containers that I could use to fill with new bulk food items. Remember the most sustainable option is the one you already have! 

30 day zero waste challenge, zero waste challenge
30 Days of Trash


Final Thoughts

I absolutely loved this 30 day zero waste challenge. I would recommend every single person looking to make a difference in their life to try it at least once. Even if you aren’t doing it for the planet, as mentioned earlier going zero waste is a great way to kick start your health too. It forces you to buy healthier foods, look up new recipes for them, and really understand how amazing great food can taste!

Although I am not perfect, I am making some really substantial progress in the right direction and I am very proud to say that! Have you guys tried the 30 day zero waste challenge yet? Comment below if you have or haven’t, I would love to hear your feedback! 

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