Travel insurance was one of the most painful things to find for doing an entire year around the world. Most insurance companies offer packages that are only good for a few weeks or a couple of months after your plane lands in its destination.

When you live a ‘digital nomadic lifestyle’ it is common to have all, or most of your belongings on your back. So, it’s VERY important to not only get coverage for sickness, or injury but also for all of your things. Your clothes, your backpack, your laptop, maybe an expensive camera you have. Everything!

World Nomads Insurance

I talked to a few people I knew who had been travelling to see what they used. A very popular answer that kept recurring was World NomadsWorld Nomads offers an inclusive package that covers everything from delayed baggage, emergency medical, dental, stolen passports and credit cards, natural disasters, and the list goes on. In my (somewhat) professional opinion, at a very reasonable rate too.

They even have an easy to use free quote tool to show you much it will be depending on where you’re from and the length of your trip. Get a quote here now!

* Pro Tip: Make sure to read the contract before paying – sometimes certain altitudes aren’t covered, for instance if you hike up to 7,000m but only 5,000m is covered. *

I have had to make a couple of claims so far and it is such an easy process and the employees are very responsive. You can do it through phone, email, or with their online tool so there is an easy option for any preference.

Insurance Coverage with a Credit Card

Credit cards that offer insurance are also a great way to get double the coverage. Before going on my trip, I got a new credit card with Amex that offered a ton of great travel rewards and insurance. So, when I book a flight with my credit card not only do I get points but I also am insured against lost baggage, cancelled flight etc. Highly recommend doing something similar to avoid all those extra fees for ‘one-off’ insurance packages provided by flight companies at the time of purchase.